Wellborn Settlement Community Information

Common Deed Restrictions

  1. All improvement and/or construction projects (landscaping, painting, outbuilding construction, fence construction or alteration, etc.) must be submitted to the Architectural Review Board for approval and may not commence until written approval is received.
  2. No rubbish or debris of any kind shall be placed or permitted to accumulate upon the Property and no odors shall be permitted to arise there from so as to render the Property or any portion thereof unsanitary, unsightly, offensive or detrimental to any other property or to its occupants. Refuse, garbage and trash shall be kept at all times in covered containers and such containers shall be kept within enclosed structures or appropriately screened from view. Except on the day the City of College Station collects trash, all such trash containers must be removed from the street prior to 7:00 pm on the day the contained trash is collected. In the event the trash containers remain in view after the day the City of College Station, Texas collects such trash containers, the Architectural Committee may fine the owner $25.00 per day for each day the trash container remains in excess of the day of pick up.
  3. No exterior lighting of any sort shall be installed or maintained on a Lot where the light source is offensive or a nuisance to neighboring property, except for reasonable security or landscape lighting that has the approval of the Architectural Committee.
  4. Each Owner shall keep all shrubs, trees, and plantings of every kind on such Owner’s Lot cultivated, pruned, and free of trash and other unsightly material. Trees, shrubs, vines and plants that die shall be promptly removed.
  5. All landscaping shall be designed so as to protect and promote, as far as practicable, the natural local landscape environment through use of native materials, natural drainage, indigenous plant selection and site design.
  6. Dwelling Size. All single family dwellings constructed in the Property shall
    contain no less than 2200 square feet of enclosed living space, exclusive of all porches (open or covered), decks and garages

For a comprehensive list of all restrictions applicable to Wellborn Settlement HOA please refer to the CC&R’s linked in the Community Documents section below.

Community Amenities

Community Park

Walking Trails

Fiber optic internet available

Close proximity to multiple shopping centers and entertainment venues

HOA Assessments

Homeowners’ Association Assessments of $450.00 are due annually in January. Assessments can be paid via the online portal or by check or money order.

Community Documents

HOA Officials

Board of Directors

Alton Ofczarzak

Teresa Shivener

Mandy Williams


President – Alton Ofczarzak

Secretary – Teresa Shivener

Treasurer – Mandy Williams

School Zones

School zone information is sourced from https://infolocator.vmaxcompass.com/InfoLocator/Info.aspx?OrgGuid=ORG-CSISD&ProfileGuid=. – Buyer needs to independently verify for accuracy.