Autumn Ridge Community Information

Common Deed Restrictions

  1. Must keep yard and house presentably maintained. This includes keeping the yard mowed, no excess garbage or refuse, no odd paint colors, so signs in the yard (without approval), and replacing any dead plants.
  2. No noise or nuisances.
  3. No animals that aren’t considered typical household pets. (No horses, poultry, swine, etc.)
  4. Must remove garbage receptacle within 12 hours of trash and/or recycling pickup.
  5. No junk vehicles or vehicle parts.
  6. No trailers, boats, recreational vehicles, etc. can be stored on the property unless it is within a garage or approved temporary building.
  7. All improvement and/or construction projects (landscaping, painting, outbuilding construction, fence construction or alteration, etc.) must be submitted to the Architectural Review Board for approval and may not commence until written approval is received.

For a comprehensive list of all restrictions applicable to Autumn Ridge HOA please refer to the CC&R’s linked in the Community Documents section below.

HOA Assessments

Homeowners’ Association Assessments of $150.00 are due annually in January. Assessments can be paid via the online portal or by check or money order.

Elected Officials

Board of Directors (Voted 12/19/2023)

Shelby Byron

Prentice Darnell

Jason McPhee

Board of Officers (Voted 12/19/2023)

President: Jordan Mitchell

Vice President: Xochitl Flores

Secretary: Jessica Palacios

Treasurer: Raul Yanez

School Zones

School zone information is sourced from – Buyer needs to independently verify for accuracy.